Saturday, 25 April 2009

[Player Choice] Changing from one to the other

If you are P and you want to be C

1) First and foremost develop your capacity to enjoy the game solo. This may involve starting to listen to music while you play, switching to a more solo-capable alt, developing an addiction to battlegrounds, discovering fishing or whatever. The key to being a Consumer is not having to rely on group content.

2) Lose the sense that group content matters. This is simply a decision you take. If you join a pug and it falls apart, so what? just carry on fishing. Believing that the group must succeed is what entraps people in producer behaviour when they'd rather not behave that way.

3) Stop helping people. If someone asks a simple question don't answer. It starts with Manrik's wife then rapidly becomes a slippery slope that leaves you as raid leader being b*tched at because someone's dagger didn't drop. Manrik who?

4) Sit in LFG queue while you're doing your solo activity. If possible only queue for instances reasonably far away, ie don't queue for Heroic Nexus if you're fishing in Borean Tundra.

5) Learn to love the auction house. It's a great solo activity and it can keep you happily absorbed while the rest of the group argues about who should go to the meeting stone.

6) Talk less. No response is usually the best answer to any question. Particularly avoid talking on voice comms as people will often expect players who talk on voice comms to take the initiative and lead raids etc. If you find it difficult to stick to this physically unplug your mike from your PC.

7) Download the following addons: AtlasLoot, Bejewelled. These will give you entertainment while waiting for the boring bits during group content.

8) Always remember becoming a consumer isn't about becoming selfish. It's about playing the game in a different, more individualistic style.

If you are C and you want to be P

1) You have to visualise the player you want to become. Helpful, popular, competent, inspirational, commanding. This is a package and some of the individual elements that go towards making up that package will suck. The destination is worth the journey.

2) Always move to the meeting stone as soon as you join a group. This will sometimes suck when it takes 20 minutes+ for any of the others to come. See 1). Tip: Bejewelled addon will help in this situation.

3) Learn and practice the instances. Learn your class Use the class and raids & dungeons forums here as well as
for background and theorycraft.

4) Try to always be polite. You are a leader and motivator, don't let people drag you down to a lower level where you start bickering with them.

5) Help others but as far as verbal advice is concerned limit the amount of information you give to others. One play changing tip per raid or dungeon run is about the maximum that people will take in. If you try to give more advice than this you will usually aggravate people. You can always give people potions and elixirs if you want to help them and motivate them without seeming too controlling.

6) Get voice comms and a mike. become comfortable with chatting to other players while you play. Don't underestimate the in-game voice facility. It's not brilliant but it will give a minimum level of voice comm functionality. It may be the best option if you pug raid.

7) Plan where you want to go and try to organise the people for it. If you want to go to, say, Sartharion, research the fight first and understand what everyone's role will be. Run through the conversations with each player in your head first so you can pare down the instructions to a minimal "stand there, do that" type format.

8) Remember that being a producer is a play-style. It's a very fun play-style but it's not an equal play-style. It's frustrating to be a producer without CPP because you sit there thinking the others should be putting in the same effort as you. CPP explains why they won't. So roll with that and enjoy the game the way you want to play it and become the great player you want to become.


  1. Hi there! I've been reading those CPP articles. It's well put and you have some points, but there's something in it that I don't quite agree with. I'm not sure yet what it is though. :)
    I may write a post about it, I'll see what comes up in my mind.

    A think about your link to my blog: it seems broken. Try to change it to my Feedburner address instead:
    This usually helps.

  2. I think the what's bugging me is that even though you *say* it's not about judging good or bad there is an undercurrent implying the superiority/desirability of producers.

    Maybe you're planning this already but I'd like to hear more about how Producers and Consumers can be symbiotic and live together in harmony (with unicorns & rainbows)

  3. @ Larissa link fixed, I'll look forward to your blog post. To some extent any attempt to make a complex social interaction black and white fails but I think the perspective is still thought-provoking.

    @ Moment you need a mix unless you have a very extreme over-achiever guild. Otherwise you end up with more people who want to show their leadership than there are events to lead.

    Another point is that we are all consumers and producers in various aspects of our lives and who you are in WoW can change. I'll post more about it soon.

  4. Thought-provoking indeed. I liked your posts about CPP. They got me thinking about what I am and helped me to classify some of my actions. I'd be careful to not think of them as permanent states, not only that they can be intentionally changed, but also unintentionally, just as a matter of situation. After a terrible day who wants to try to make a Naxx 10 when you know there will be no healers on?