Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Advertisement: CPP Theorem Free Trial!!!

Welcome to this important news release about an amazing new concept in MMOs: CPP. CPP is a radical and orginal system that will revolutionise the way you play MMOs.

CPP will let you
- find a better guild
- become a better player
- recruit and befriend better players
- eliminate certain pointless and boring activities
- (game designers only) design a better game

CPP is absolutely free. What's more CPP is guaranteed to work. Anyone taking advantage of this special introductory offer who is not 100% satisfied will be able to claim a full refund.

CPP will be unveiled in this thread. Each day one of the reserved posts immediately following will be completed until after six days the full product will be available here. On the seventh day we're planning to rest as is standard procedure when great works are created.

Hope you enjoy the mystery and in any event stay tuned for a game-changing, even a life-changing, new product!

(Note to moderators: CPP is not at this time a commercial product in any way. It is a free service aimed at increasing the amount of enjoyment players and designers get from participating in MMOs).

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