Saturday, 28 February 2009

March of the Giants

it's Saturday I'm 70 and now sporting a shiny new Ingvar's Monolithic Cleaver. Thank you Ingvar, last boss of Utgarde Keep.

I found a new technique for dealing with a quest that has given me trouble on other characters. The quest is March of the Giants, out of Camp Winterhoof and the giants in question do a very nasty stacking dot.

I solved it by kiting them with Chains of ice. Chains, Icy Touch and (runic power permitting), strafe away, rinse and repeat. There is a large stretch of grass with no aggro mobs just near where they spawn so they are ideal for this method.

Kiting was managed with complete control I never got hit except for when I choose to melee to finish them off.

Simple really but last time I levelled a DK I was in the headspace of melee dps/tank, blow more cooldowns use consumables just get bigger better stronger than them.

I have a feeling I will be using this technique a lot more. I already weave a little of this into my meleeing when I pvp other meleers to keep them offbalance. Solo PVE though it's a free win on anything that can be slowed.

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